Picture by Mark Fonseca Rendeiro, Heidelberg, 2007

Raymond M. Kristiansen is an internationalist currently living in Oslo, Norway with his family. Raymond wrote his first blog entries in late 99 on Livejournal, and has since then spent a lot of time exploring how technology can create – and diminish – distance between people. From late 2004, Raymond explored how videoblogging can be used as a tool for anyone to ‘show their world to the world’, and later on Raymond worked on how Twitter and Google+ can be used as collaborative tools of communication.

In his day job, Raymond works as Solutions Architect at Intelecom Group. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

On January 1st, 2015, rmnd.org was relaunched as a personal blog. The blog will be used partly the way Twitter is used – a link, perhaps with a short comment – as well as more traditional, long-form blog posts.

Questions or comments? Contact Raymond at raymondmk AT gmail.com


The views expressed here on RMND.org are solely those of the author, Raymond M. Kristiansen, in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of anyone else, including his workplace or his political party.

RMND.org is for inspiration only and is meant for informational purposes. Any attempt to recreate the activities on this blog is at the risk of the individual and the owner cannot be held liable. Errors or misinformation may exist, and the owner is not responsible for any injury, monetary loss, or any other issue rising from the use of the information offered.

RMND.org and its writer is not held liable for any content that is republished or used by others. Any personal information is made private and cannot be shared by third parties. No data is collected without permission except for that used for tracking with website cookies. You have the ability to turn these off on your browser at any time.


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