I made the switch to a Mac late last year, and I am now in the process of learning more about OS X. I will still use Windows-machines, primarily for work, but I suspect that I will be pretty Mac- of Linux/Unix-centric from now on for my own needs.

There are a lot of things to learn!

This week, I finally figured out about pinboard.in – a bookmarking system that for me replaces the use I had for del.icio.us back then. I was a pretty enthusiastic del-user, but a while after the sale to Yahoo, the service became so bad that I stopped using it. For different reasons, I didn’t find another bookmarking system, so for years I just didn’t bookmark things, or I used Browser bookmarks, which still wasn’t very efficient for my needs. (“What folder should I put this bookmark in? How can I find my bookmarks again efficiently?”)

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