A good article about mass surveillance (UK perspective)

The Matter magazine at Medium.com published this great article. Quote:

Technology is a tool: it is a process by which political and human desires are instantiated in the world. What is significant about that instantiation is that it must take a visible form. It may be a written, readable code, or a physical infrastructure in the landscape: servers in data centres, cameras on poles by the roadside, rusting signs on forecourt walls declaring the owner’s intentions.

When there is pressure to obscure that infrastructure — camouflaging cameras, closing down networks, or blocking freedom of information requests — a corresponding pressure is exerted on the very democracy it purports to uphold.

It’s long, but worth it in my book.

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I have always been a fan of long-form on the internet. Personal blog posts, and articles, that are long enough for you to actually pay attention, learn something, slow your pace, and explore the topic.

When Medium.com was launched and appeared on my radar, I started reading some of the content on there with great interest. I tried the site myself as a writer, and even though I liked the implementation of the website, I ended up not using it much. But as a reader, I love it!

I wonder how Medium will influence other websites within the ‘social media’ space over the next years.

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Tools I

A big part of my project for 2015 is to look at tools. Tools could be tools we surround ourselves with but under-utilize, or tools that are available, but that we don’t know about.

Tools are always means to an end. The end could be to learn more, have fun, achieve a goal in your personal life or business, among other things.

This is my LinkedIn profile page Summary:

01-01-2015 15-39-11

What I will achieve over the next 12 months is to clarify the words of that summary text on LinkedIn. Contextualize it, and exemplify it in different ways.

Tools. We surround ourselves with them, we use them conceptually, and our bodies also are tools that can make amazing things happen.

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