Recycle / iterate / create new

Adland posted this tweet today, and we had a quick Twitter discussion about it: How do we break free from habits? How do we evolve?

This fits well into my general question these days, that I also wrote about yesterday: How to break free from the

After just a few days of paying attention to my twitter stream, I today noticed that

And I don’t want to return to blogging, and twitter, and Facebook, and just do the same that I did before. Because i already did that – I wrote countless blog entries, and published videos, and posted almost 10K tweets, and I felt like it wasn’t leading to anywhere new; the paths were already established, and even though I kept my content-producing eclectic, I felt like I was just spending a ton of time doing things which – yes – gave me lots of new information, but that new information rarely gave me much pleasure.

I guess it breaks down to this:

* Recycle content, from others or from myself. They keep me rooted in things I believe in. It’s like reading a book filled with texts that are thousands of years old if you are religious. It’s a reminder, a meditation on ‘eternal truths’.
* Iterate content. Re-write that old blog-post from 2007, change, expand, make into something else perhaps?
* Create new content, break new ground. Technological advances often give us this excuse. In 2011, because I was tired of Facebook and Twitter, I became very interested in the then new Google+ network, and I used that tool in new ways, ways that Twitter for instance wouldn’t allow me.

But creating new doesn’t mean we forget the past; our own, or others. We use the source material, we mix and match, we create new context, and then something new comes forth.

But is it enough? Or are we still working within the same old paths of making smaller adjustments of things instead of – properly – finding new meaning and expressing that?

This is a theme I will continue to write about the coming days and weeks. Category: Real new?

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