Crowdfunding, SaaS

Fred Wilson wrote this about 2014:

4/ the capital markets have moved to the internet. we call it crowdfunding but what is really going on is raising money is a great application of a global platform that connects billions of people in real time. i don’t know the total amount of capital that was raised on the internet across all sectors (equity, debt, creative projects, charity, helping a person in need, real estate, energy, etc, etc) in 2014 but i am sure it is in the tens of billions.

This trend will grow in this new year, and I am excited to see how money will flow easier across borders and continents. Good ideas will have an easier time to get funding, but they still need to be able to use the opportunities/tools out there. In order to participate in the Kickstarter economy you need to know to not only find the website, but also use it somewhat effectively, otherwise your project will simply drown among the thousands of others.

Fred also wrote about 2015 in a separate post, where he says this about SaaS:

9/ the enterprise/saas sector will shine in 2015 with dozens of emerging important new companies taking advantage of the cloud and mobile to redefine what work and workflow looks like in the enterprise.

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