Stuart Scott

I don’t watch ESPN, but today the death of Stuart Scott came on my radar. So I watched this video, and I get why this man was so popular.

ESPN published this video tribute today:

And finally Jimmy V‘s speech from years back where he uttered those famous words “Don’t Give Up . . . Don’t Ever Give Up”

RIP, Stuart Scott.

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Think of this next time you buy South Korean salt

Two-thirds of South Korea’s sea salt is produced at more than 850 salt farms on dozens of islands in Sinan County, including Sinui island, where half the 2,200 residents work in the industry. Workers spend grueling days managing a complex network of waterways, hoses and storage areas.

Five times during the last decade, revelations of slavery involving the disabled have emerged. Kim’s case prompted a nationwide government probe of thousands of farms and disabled facilities that found more than 100 workers who’d received no, or scant, pay.


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Justin Hall at Patreon

For over 20 years I’ve been sharing my life on the web, flinging electronic intimacies to challenge myself and reach people. I started on the public internet in 1994 with Justin’s Links from the Underground, my guided tour of the weird, wild and wonderful on the world wide web. Over time I wrote out an autobiography; now over 4000 pages – some call it oversharing, I like to think of it as a work in progress. In 2004, the New York Times said I may be the “founding father of personal bloggers” – I post that quote that here to associate myself with other recognizable brands, which should make you more likely to pledge if my reading of Robert Cialdini is correct.

I learned how to do it from other people, and I’m proud of having helped good folks to express themselves online. So Patreons get access to all my data – support me and you can see how I run my TV business.


Yes, I will support Justin, and so should you!

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Wreck & Salvage

Some of my favourite content to watch of all is the work of the folks behind W&S.

Here is from their about page text, which is a review from the Total Recut Blog

Given that this trio of editors has chosen to give themselves the name “Wreck & Salvage,” it’s not surprising to find their body of work repeatedly raising the question of how we get value out of all the video footage that floods our lives. The sources W&S draw from are as varied as the internet: corporate news and commercials, internet memes, ephemeral daytime television, propaganda, archive footage, and plenty of amateur video, be it from youtube kids or soldiers serving in Iraq… W&S edits all this footage to look for ways to make it useful, either politically, socially, artistically, or all of the above.

Here is the latest W&S video, from October 2013. I hope these brilliant folks will continue creating videos!

W&$ Vine compilation Oct 2014 from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

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Rupert Howe wrote this to put into place his new year’s resolution:


not just the video, but the writing and the audio.

There are many of us who has arrived at this new year, wanting to be more creative. And something I realised yesterday night was that in order to become inspired, I also need to search for inspiration in words from others, and interact with that. It could be a Facebook post, or a tumblr-log, or a video shot in 1996 that was put online.

Scavengers, wreck and salvage, look at whatever gives us something, and create the future, one step at the time.


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